Just For You- Richard Cocciante

I can’t stay now and just wait how

My hands they grow so impatient

Many things I’ve got to do now

For the first rays of the morning

Though she dreams in peaceful slumber

Sleep to me just doesn’t come

When she wake I’ll try to tell her

Everything I have to say

And the night so dark inside me

Makes me finaly understand

With the love that she has given me

She can light the sky forever

It’s the way she gives so freely

It’s the way she takes my hands

I’ll just ask the sun shine brightly

Got to see her smile again

Then I sing a song I’ve writen

And I’ll make the whole world listen

In the silence just for you

Like no one has ever heard

And I’ll wake up all the lovers

And I’ll keep them there for hours

And we’ll do the things we’ve wanted

The way that lovers do

Then we’ll run into the street

And we’ll start to dance like crazy

Cos she wants only to feel joy

In the love she gives and needs

And we’ll take it time to stop quarrels

And we’ll paint the streets and buildings

Rainbow colored everyone

Though she wants to color the sea

And we’ll played through field of flowers

Make the street alive with springs

Make a place where lovers go

Fly the way that lovers flow

Then we’ll fly into the sky

And we’ll choose into the star

And our star will tell the whole world

The love we have, we are.

The love we share is sweet

The love we know is real

That love is not the dream but last

A life time long

Because your love and mine we give

Without living all begin

And the love that you have given

Return to ask the wind

Cos your love for me

Is not beginning and the end

Your love and mine is now for me, forever,..na..na..na..nana

Your love for me forever…

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